How to purchase from our site

How to purchase from our site without a hustle

  1. How to pay with credit or debit cards
  2. We use paypal platform to process cards payment.On the checkout page,fill in your shipping details.
    Then click on Proceed to PayPal big button.

    You will be redirected to site.

    On the choose way to pay form,select the second option.
       Pay with debit or credit card,or paypal credit
    You will be able to enter your credit/debit card details

  3. How to add items to cart
  4. Click on shop on the main menu.
    Select the items you want to purchase by clicking add to cart button on each of the items you like.
    Products will then be added to your cart.

  5. How to check out
  6. Once you have added items into your cart,you can go ahead and click on checkout on the main menu to finally pay.

    Simple procedure
    Add to cart  ➡️  Check out  ➡️  Pay with paypal/Credit/Debit card

    We accept both paypal and Credit/Debit cards

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